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  SmartPaper Remote and Touch&View Publications

Children’s Touch&View Book and Desktop

TVIR Module for PC

  • "The convergence of print media and multimedia." Via a wireless interface, books and magazines magically activate audio / visual content on computers and net top boxes as a user simply "touches" a printed graphic or highlighted text.
  • SmartPaper¨ technology transforms traditional print publications into a powerful remote control input device for PCs, DVD players, net top boxes, game machines, etc.

  • TVIR infrared technology provides "point anywhere" (non-line of sight) wireless control from 60 feet away. Low power TVIR transmitter operates using low profile button cell batteries.

  • TVIR Receiver peripherals easily connect to PC and other hosts.

  • Market driven industrial design allows for subscription style after marketing of plain paper publications that simply insert into the electronic Touch&View book cover to become interactive with software media and the Internet.

Publication & CD-ROM Packaging

Print Publication Inserting into Book Module


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