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San Francisco Examiner, December 18, 1991

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  The PlayTV™ The PlayTV™ Piano is a colorful, illuminated child-friendly musical keyboard that connects to a PC, TV or VCR.  After-market software titles unveil enchanting environments of musical fun within role-playing themes. In this whimsical world, a child is entertained, encouraged to participate interactively, and challenged by fascinating games. Designed for children between ages 3 - 7, engaging games and interactive fun introduces kids to the wonderful world of music.

The PlayTV Piano Keyboard

The Enchanting World of the Harmony Highway

The Marvelous Morphing Musical Jeep
  iPOD Intelligent Child-Safe PC Interface (Mid 1980’s concept before MP3 players J)


The iPOD is a child-safe intelligent interface that allows children from age 18 months to connect their toys to computers, software and the Internet without the need to use a keyboard and mouse, or have supervision of any kind.

iPOD is fashioned as a desktop connector receptacle requiring a onetime connection to a computer.  Easy enough for a 18 month old child to use, it is ergonomically designed for small hands and an easy “drop-on” mating connection to either an iPLUG mating connector or a Wireless Module enabling iPOD to wirelessly connect to toys.
  CYBER-RAIL Action Construction Play Set for Multimedia Computers

Beyond the PC desktop, the CYBER-RAIL play experience fills an entire room. CYBER-RAIL combines play characteristics from construction toys, traditional train sets, and role-play action gaming to deliver an unparalleled interactive play experience. User’s log-on and build their new universe according to a storyline and mission. Their accuracy in laying-out the glow-in-the-dark 3D track, planets, space station, etc. about a room is mission critical. After building and equipping the Night Hawk ship and booting the new Universe, the system automatically initiates the take-off sequence and the adventures begin.

  Night Hawk

Vehicle Concept Visualization and Development

Vehicle 3D Track Concept Visualization and Development

Knight Hawk Control Cockpit

  PC Play Peripherals and Environments for Young Children
“My First PC”

“Funny Fone”

  • Deep thinking about how computers can have a significant impact cognitive learning during play
  • Explored ways to integrate technology into proven play patterns.

“Floor” Play & Learn Environment

“Hide & Seek - ICU”


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