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IXI Mobile
Launched in USA by AT&T Wireless, currently available in Europe - mobile text messenger for mass consumer teen market. Ogo is priced at $79 with flat rate of $18 per month for unlimited IM, SMS, and e-mail.

Scale/ID – ogo Development
IXI Mobile 2/2001 – 8/2005

ID Starts with keyboard functionality as anticipated by software and UI preliminary requirements

Functional Diagram

1st Concepts Explore

Look & Feel

Top Candidate

CAD Capture

Dimensional Geometry

ID Now Refined in CAD Only!

Two Concurrent ID Paths: 1) Early Market Research, Feedback, Consensus, and Confirmation

3D Renderings & Interactive Movies Prove-Out Approaches and Accurately Set Expectations

    Market Research Models
IXI Mobile


2) Engineering Development

Various Scale Study Models

Concurrently capturing and placing key components in top candidate ID approaches

Translating component placement problems and constraints into practical user features
    User Interface – ogo
IXI Mobile

Product and Marketing Requirement document development done in parallel with Use Case Identification and Flow Diagram.

Created a “Design Guide” single control document process to significantly accelerate cycles for Interaction/navigation development, revision, approval, implementation and change record.

Parallel development of GUI screen art, fonts, animation, music and sound. Refining the overall UI experience was accomplished in concert with customer and portal partner review, input and approval.

- System Sounds Development Tool – Interactive playback for early audio development & refinement.

- Interactive and Scripted UI Simulations – To prove out user interaction and navigation models.

- Custom LCD Design Specification, Design & Tooling – Screen bitmap art and font rendering closely coordinated with LCD display pitch, resolution and other optical properties to assure a superior mobile user experience.

Custom Display Design

UI Experience

Art Asset Resolution & Approval
  neoChat Mobile Messaging

IXI Mobile

Low cost Mobile Text Messaging Terminal targets mobile youth and utilizes Bluetooth to connect to PMG enabled host GSM/GPRS mobile phones and devices. Features pocket-size flip design, QWERTY keyboard, PCM audio and 1/8 VGA B&W STN display. Designed for mobility, proprietary Type&Send UI with unified contact list allows super quick IM, Email, and SMS text messaging.

  PMG and Device Bundle
IXI Mobile

Early Prototypes of the PMG Modem, Neo Chat Text Messenger, and Miniature BT Voice Terminal with pop-out 12-button keypad.

  Miniature Voice Terminal
IXI Mobile
  Mobile Messaging Terminal
V1.5 Reference Design

IXI Mobile
The MMT V1.5 is a full featured Mobile Messenger with ¼ VGA 65k color CSTN Display, 40 voice polyphonic audio, MMS, IM, Email and SMS. The MMT utilizes Bluetooth (BT) to connect to PMG enabled host device and the network. The MMT is professionally styled with ultra thin flip design, QWERTY keyboard, 5-way Navigation control and Type&Send UI. An array of new branded personalization features were explored including photo wall-paper, screen Skins and audio/animation content that target a broad range of users. Highly interoperable with other PMG/BT devices and messaging applications including Cameras, PMG enabled phones, wrist watches, PCs and email, etc.

Reference Designs with Interactive UI Simulations






BT Wrist Watch
IXI Mobile

- ID Concepts

- Highly interoperable user experience within a short-range wireless PAN (Personal Area Network)- Exceptional Personalization Features

- Use Case and Interaction Flow Diagrams & Documentation

- Brand Stylized GUI Art for Simulation programming demonstration



PMG Enabled Phone
IXI Mobile


- Interaction and GUI Design and Development

- New Approaches to Cross-Platform User Personalization and Branding

PMG devices review       
  Notable Accomplishments Optimized Keyboard - Integrated mobile product ID combining keyboard controls with enclosure for optimum ergonomics and all new look & feel. Industry recognized as the fastest, most usable mobile device QWERTY keyboard on the market today.

“I used the OGO for a few months, and I must say that the thumb keyboard is the best I have ever used. The keys are easy to find in the dark and when pressed they have a soft click that lets you know that a key was pressed. It has a directional pad with four additional keys that lets the user easily navigate the four directions either by single step or by page.
Unfortunately, the OGO software is limited to Messenger and Email, and the Email client is barely worth using. What we need is the OGO keyboard on the sidekick.” Posted at 5:46PM on Nov 4th 2005 by Mazen Mokhtar

Created Alerticons – Wild, wacky, zany, hilarious, sometimes not so politically correct miniature cartoon skits used for alerts, notifications and ring tones, etc. Themes range from sports and branded properties to x-rated.


Chinese IME Transcription - Designed unique Chinese IME Transcription GUI for Pinyin, CangJie specific to small-screen messaging applications with a QWERTY Keyboard based MMI.


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