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  The Piano Discovery System
  • Based on the original "Miracle Piano", teaches children from age 6 to adult to read music and play the piano.
  • Animated 3D arcade games, orchestrated musical accompaniments, voice over instructions, and AI driven lesson plans.
  • CD-ROM Software includes 50 lessons, hundreds of songs.
  • Innovative industrial design incorporating a "Uni-Rail" feature that allows a multiplicity of accessories to be adjustably attached to the keyboard cabinet. Attachments include keyboard stand, microphones, speakers, mouse wing, music stand, and various electronic musical accessory products.
  • Rear panel Expansion port allows for a myriad of music control products to be easily added to the PDS system.
  • Keyboard uses simple connection to PC Joystick port without requiring costly MIDI adapter cables or external power supplies.
  • Retail $149 - $179 - street, 40% less than the original Miracle Piano.

Concept Visualization and Development




Desktop Orientation                                           Desktop Drum System

From a Keyboard to an Integrated Home PC Music System
PC Drum Kit

  BlasterKeys, ODM Product for Creative Labs

Invented “Fun” & Tutorial modes in 1980 – Still used in BlasterKey products today.
Designed, engineered and delivered 25K units of 49 note musical keyboards with software in 6 months




  • Articulating "Pop Art" plastic sculptures operate interactive on-screen entertainment. Software features include hilarious host characters, music, sound effects, and graphics with animation's equivalent to Saturday morning TV cartoons.
  • Extremely low “Snap-Together” assembly time - less than 30 seconds from start to ship, manufactured in China.
  • Retail $29 street price.



Latrina (She’s beautifully disgusting)         Stitch (Boyish but electrifying)      TNT TAD (Explosively naughty) 

    Concept Visualization                       Development (DFM/DFA)                     Engineering & Tooling

    Artist 3D Rendering                                      ID Layout                                             CAD

    Artist 3D Rendering                                      ID Layout                                             CAD

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